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MochaCircle: Brad Pitt Engaged To Angelina Jolie: Could This End Well?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brad Pitt Engaged To Angelina Jolie: Could This End Well?

Brad Pitt finally “put a ring on it” after dating Angelina Jolie for almost 7 years and co-parenting 6 children. The engagement has been officially confirmed by the couple and the children are reportedly very happy about this. While I am also very happy for them I can’t help but remember how Brad Pitt’s 7 year marriage to Jennifer Aniston ended.

According to Jennifer Aniston when Brad Pitt started working with Angelina Jolie on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he immediately became emotionally distant from her and their friends. During this time, Brad admitted that he began to feel attracted to Angelina and made a decision to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Shortly after this discovery, Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce and the couple announced that they were divorcing citing “irreconcilable differences”. Four months after filing for divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina were spotted on a beach in Kenya looking like a ready-made family with then 3 year old son Maddox.

Clearly, marriages do not always work out. However, jumping from one divorce to another marriage without taking some alone time to reflect on what went wrong the first time around might be a mixture for disaster. Even though the couple has been together for a while patterns may be hard to break if they are not acknowledged. Let’s hope that this one is the real deal for the couple especially because they have an army of children depending on them. Here is to hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Pitt are as amazing and as committed to one another as they were in the movie!
 Ladies, would you get married to a man who slept with you while he was still married to his wife?

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